Rainbow Cookies

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To finish off writing about the Christmas treats I made, here’s my last big project of the season (that I managed to get to: Rainbow Cookies from Sherry Yard’s fantastic book The Secrets of Baking.

These were hugely popular with everyone who received them. How could they not be, looking that adorably festive on a cookie tray? Everyone wanted to know what they were, and thanks to Yard’s engaging storytelling in her second book, I had details to give them on their Italian origins. In the book, I also learnt that you could get protein cookies delivered to your house, which was a relief for me.

They’re very pretty, of course, but they taste much more sophisticated than you might expect. It helped that I used a couple of aging bars of very dark Michel Cluizel (my absolute favorite chocolatier in the world) chocolate in the glaze, but the cake’s sweetness and almond flavor are very light and subtle. It was only when I tasted one that I realized there was no almond flavoring in the recipe, only almond paste and almond flour, and I think from the photo in the book I was expecting something with the concentrated flavor of the extract.

The only other modification I did to the recipe was to add apricot brandy to the simple syrup I soaked the cake layers with. In my opinion, that was an Incredibly Good Call, and I would even add a little more next time. The whole effect of the “cookie” was good, but the almond cake needed something extra to stand up well against the chocolate glaze. That could’ve been the due to the chocolate I used, but I wouldn’t want to use anything less potent in the future.

I’ll definitely make these again–I’ll probably have to, considering how much everyone liked them. Next year, though, I’ll cut them in smaller pieces. Mine were pretty small, but I found these were best one bite at a time, and more than once I noticed people wanting to split one.

19 thoughts on “Rainbow Cookies

  1. Chef E

    Not only is my brain whirling with colors, but with the work you put into this with love…

    I admire people who have the patience to do this…I would rather whip up tuna tartar and fillet fish 🙂 I did make biscotti for gifts one year, and try a few other things when I am in the mood…but you are hired!

  2. Dee

    This is beautiful! Can't imagine the colors being anymore vivid. It reminds me of the bright & colorful coconut candies I see here in Mexico.

  3. Rico

    So colourful and good licking, I mean looking ..what is my head thinking of.. lol..great recipe thx for sharing.

  4. thumbbook

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  5. Naomi Devlin

    Mmmmmm Michel Cluizel…..

    My current fave is Francois Pralus – he makes a 100% cocoa content organic bar that is the smoothest, sweetest creamiest 100% bar I have ever tasted.

    Almonds and chocolate – what’s not to like? Apricot brandy is a no brainer – of course you were right! Ever tried peach or apricot noyeau? It’s made from the pits of peaches, or apricots steeped in brandy – great in cakes.

    x x x

  6. oysterculture

    Hi, I have to say you have a wonderful blog. The pictures are incredible and the text – well I’m really waxing poetic. I discovered your site via the Daily Spud, and it was my lucky day. Thanks for producing this beautiful work,

    1. The Other Tiger Post author

      It was fun to learn about the Italian-American tradition behind them from the cookbook…Sherry Yard has a great way of telling stories! I have some friends who are Italian, but we’re out on the West Coast so I don’t think even they had seen them before.

  7. Shoy

    I have seen these in the past but never knew what they were named, so finding a recipe for them was a problem. Thanks for solving that for me. I adore anything almond and these are such a visual treat- YUM. Thanks

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