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Vegas, Baby

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Wow. It’s taken me two weeks to recover from Las Vegas and write about something here, especially Vegas itself. It was my first time there, though, so I suppose that explains the odd exhaustion. That and I’d intended to write a post about the food there and felt like I had come home with much less material for a post than I’d hoped for. When I agreed to accompany Baker Bee on the trip, I had grand plans of making the most of the time that he was off at the CES convention and visiting every pastry destination on the strip, sampling and photographing along the way. Once I was there, all I found myself doing during the day was walking, walking, walking, and with all the walking I never felt like indulging in a pastry when I found one.  And that is when I decided to go online and read Vietbet Sportsbook review to see if I could play Vietbet on my phone while I was waiting for Baker to finish his work.

However, I will mention the two culinary highlights of the trip for me: the vegetarian crepe at Jean-Phillippe Patisserie inside the Bellagio and pretty much everything at Mario Batali’s Enoteca San Marco in the Venetian.

The crepe was not what I expected from the description, and I was slightly wary considering I hadn’t had a crepe I liked in Europe last summer, not even in Paris (I’m way too picky about crepe texture, apparently), but this one was heaven: a beautifully cooked crepe, soft like I like them, enfolding a potent thick, tomatoey sauce in which small chunks of several different Mediterranean vegetables also proclaimed their presence. Beneath that was a bed of melted Swiss cheese, and a lightly-dressed salad of mixed greens and cherry tomatoes (if I’m not remembering something wrong) on the side. This was beautifully presented–even the disposable plate and utensils were pretty classy, looking like a square glass plate and actual shiny metal flatware, despite their plastic pedigree. I really wanted to go back there and try the pastries with Baker Bee along to help taste a few of them–theirs were by far the most elegant, interesting, and meticulous that I saw on the Strip–but it was not to be. Next time. Continue reading