The Newest Member of the Family

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Isn’t she beautiful/he gorgeous/it fantastic? I struggled quite mightily to bring it out into the world. must be obsessed with boxes inside of boxes inside of boxes, which become very difficult to part when they’re huge and wedged together by packing peanuts. But I can’t really complain, since so far it seems to have weathered shipping without any harm done.

While six quarts isn’t twenty quarts, this is still a marked improvement over my veteran 4.5 KA.

I have photos to write about here. I’ll have to think about getting around to that someday.

Update: So, I love the mixer, but the four-and-a-half quart one might be staying around. It seems to have trouble with small batches of cookie dough. Also, I’m noticing a tendency for stuff to get stuck at the center around the beater that’s worse than what I expect from the smaller mixers. I don’t remember that from the five quart ones I used at school and at work. The other annoying thing about the new one is that it doesn’t fit under the cabinets on the counter.

At least they’re both black and chrome, so they match the kitchen and match each other.