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Fudge Brownies with Andes Mint Baking Chips

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If you hadn’t noticed yet, Chris is a big fan of King Arthur Flour’s products and recipes. I am, too–I used to drool over their catalogs back before I went to pastry school, and I loyally buy their flour–but not quite to the extent that he is. One of their website’s cool features that he’s drawn my attention to lately is their guaranteed recipes. If the recipe doesn’t turn out how they promise it will, you can call them and they’ll walk you through the recipe, and if that fails they’ll send you a five-dollar gift certificate. They’re willing to put their money where your mouth is, pretty much literally.

Andes Mint Brownies with Irish Cream Icing

Chris tried out their gingerbread recipe a couple months ago. We were split on our opinion of it. He loved it, and I thought it was good, but not as good as the one I’d made from The Joy of Cooking. To be fair, I prefer the darker, more intense sort of gingerbread, and when I made mine I made it to my tastes. Still, I liked the idea of a guaranteed recipe. It strikes some sort of chord in the place where I feel food rather than think about it. Continue reading