Rainbow Cupcake Love

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How am I supposed to put frosting over a face like this?

Rainbow Cupcakes

I didn’t even notice the little heart until I was staring down at the cupcake through my camera’s lens. At which point I fell in love. The cupcake must know that I was born on Valentine’s Day.

Rainbow Cupcakes

Fortunately, she has plenty of brothers and sisters to ice instead of her. Hey, if a cupcake manages to communicate with me, it deserves special treatment.

Rainbow Cupcakes

Come back tomorrow to see what I’m doing with them. The colors are a hint, but only if you’re as much of a geek as I am. (The post is up now: Battlestar Galactica Cupcakes!)

Rainbow Cupcakes

30 thoughts on “Rainbow Cupcake Love

    1. The Other Tiger Post author

      Thanks! I took about a hundred photos of them, just because they turned out so cool. Of course, now I have to figure out which ninety photos I want to delete from my hard drive now. 🙂

  1. katy

    these are the pretties cupcakes i’ve ever seen! i am so glad you posted this. i am making lemon cupcakes tonight, and now, they are going to be rainbow lemon cupcakes. ♥

    katy’s latest blog post: so beautiful

  2. Em

    Awesomeness, do you have any pictures of one cut in half to get the full psychedelic experience?

  3. Niki

    Awesome cupcakes!!! But I think I missed the recipe, or how you got them to look like that! Did you just make a basic white cupcakes and separate it into different bowls and added food dye? Or are those different flavors?

    1. The Other Tiger Post author

      I wrote more about how I made them here on the new post showing what I was making, but I didn’t go into directions because I didn’t feel like they were all that original–just lucky with the heart! It seems like lots of people have been doing the rainbow cupcakes lately. But, yes, it’s just a vanilla cupcake recipe (from The Whimsical Bakehouse, which is a great cake decorating book if you like vivid colors like this) separated into three bowls and with A LOT of food coloring. I used the Wilton paste-style coloring so the batter wouldn’t get diluted–they’re more potent, anyway. For the red, I mixed Christmas Red and Burgundy. It’s always a challenge to get a good red. Often if you let the batter sit for a few minutes, though, the color will deepen, so I started with the red, did the other two, and then came back and adjusted the red.

      1. Niki

        Awesome, thanks! I have only really worked with food dye when making red velvet cake, but never have I gotten such a gorgeous color! I’ve seen the Wilton paste colorings, I guess now I’ll have to pick them up!!! And I just looked up the Whimsical Bakehouse, and I’m so getting it! Thanks!

    2. The Other Tiger Post author

      Great, glad I was able to help! The Wilton paste colorings are really helpful, especially when you’re adding them to baked goods where it’s even more important that you don’t change things too much. Just be sure to put a lot in, and do it right away so you don’t keep stirring and stirring and toughen the cakes…I had a bit of an issue with that this time.

  4. Jennifer

    My mind is blown by these cupcake images. I don’t believe I could find anything else that looks like them on the web. Is this your own recipe?

    1. The Other Tiger Post author

      Thanks! Wow, I’m unique? Cool! 😉 Unfortunately, it’s not my own recipe. They’re the vanilla cupcakes from The Whimsical Bakehouse, which is a really fun, colorful cake decorating book. (If you make them, add more vanilla! The recipe barely asks for any and I can’t taste it.)

    1. The Other Tiger Post author

      Haha, I’m the same way! I won’t buy or eat anything with food coloring…but I’ll bake with it. 🙂 I tried natural food colorings for awhile but they made me pull my hair out and they weren’t vivid, so I’ve just decided that moderation is key. That and I tend more to take photos of the results than eat them.

    1. The Other Tiger Post author

      It’s the vanilla cupcake recipe from The Whimsical Bakehouse, which is a really fun cake decorating book full of really brightly-colored cakes. I took the batter and divided it among three bowls and added a ton of food coloring, then layered the colors and baked it as usual.

    1. The Other Tiger Post author

      Hmm, but see, if you just painted the cupcakes, you could avoid the artificial stuff by eating around the paint like it was Crisco frosting on someone’s birthday cake. This way you’re forced to get your daily serving of just barely non-toxic chemicals! 😉

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